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Financial services and financial service providers are always changing. This change is driven by two megatrends: by digitalization as a consequence of technological progress and by increasing regulation, triggered by crises and the consequent loss of confidence. Fintechs are quick to take advantage of these trends and develop concepts that are superior to traditional products in the eyes of many customers.

Why is this so?

Digital customers have a high demand for information.

Digital customers love making their own decisions.

Digital customers identify with their decisions to a great extent.

aixigo assists you in designing your digital investment advisory service—not only with the many years of expertise of a pioneer on the subject of behavioral orientation on the web and user experience, but also with a comprehensive catalog of components: a robo-advisor can be built quickly and safely from these and individually customized to your needs. The catalog is able to support a variety of concepts in terms of risk profiling, asset allocation, and channels. Our first customers already have their products successfully online. Read more about investify here, the fully digital asset manager…

Basic module

aixigo’s robo-advisor consists of a basic module, the styling of which can be adapted to your individual corporate design. Functionally, this module helps the customer choose a suitable portfolio based on the investment amount, maturity, and risk, as well as to describe this portfolio and map it via an onboarding or order process. The principle here is that the customer reaches their goal on one page in a few steps and readily understands how their entries interrelate. This basic module is your reliable, quick-start self-advice tool.

Afterward, the catalog presents you with several options for the individual design of your solution.


We offer a number of features that enable your customer to further adapt the proposed portfolio to their needs. Thus, for instance, the customer can determine the right level of risk for themselves by completing a brief questionnaire. Such features enable the customer to develop strong control awareness. This gives them security and increases the chances of implementation.


A wealth of features serve to educate the customer about their options. These features are essential so the customer may always understand what is going on and why you are recommending certain investment options. From a behavioral standpoint, avoid aborting such features due to ignorance/lack of understanding (ambiguity).


For special portfolio ideas and special cases, we offer additional modules that enable even more extensive individualization.

With complex decisions, it is important to group together information and decisions in a meaningful way in order to arrive at decisions through a step-by-step process. As thus important decision-making and implementation hurdles can be dismantled and become surmountable.

The product range offered by the robo-advisor can be adapted to your goals as an administrator. This is how we support a variety of advisory approaches, be they risk-based, product-driven, or theme-oriented.

Benjamin Böhnke—Senior Business Consultant at aixigo explains the difference between an investment advice and a sale.
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