aixigo is convinced that pension advice holds one of the keys to a lasting and successful relationship between the customer and the financial service provider. Why? Provision for old age and risks is of fundamental importance to a large part of the population. Moreover, the customer’s life constantly keeps evolving and so their needs and opportunities are also subject to change. The market for insurance products keeps offering new alternatives to obtain benefits or adjust one’s contributions to one’s needs. So there are always good reasons to think about providing for the future.

But so many options also create uncertainty: And this uncertainty leads many people to delay a decision or not make one. As a pioneer of behavioral finance (the study of behavior when making financial decisions), we wanted to change this for the benefit of customers and financial service providers alike. aixigo has set itself the goal of overcoming the psychological obstacles of the customer (and the advisor) by using quality solutions and thereby foster a better advisory process.

For whom?
aixigo provides pension advice to businesses with a focus on advising private customers and the typical risks they face. We offer advisory solutions that are suitable for banks, financial service providers with a comprehensive orientation, major brokerage organizations, as well as exclusive sales channels.

Our solutions, which are always tailored to the individual advisory philosophy, can also be tailored for use in self-advice as well as in combination with personal advice; by connecting the two with each other, a consistent multichannel experience is created for customers with changing access preferences.

Our advice spans livelihood, risk, and retirement provision and all related insurance products.

Process integration
For every consultation process, aixigo offers comprehensive features that can be modularly integrated into a complete process and customized. These also include interfaces to the existing systems, rate calculators, or comparison calculators. The goal is to always ensure a smooth, uninterrupted process up to policy issuing in order to craft a compelling customer experience.

“You want to find out more? We look forward to hearing from you.”

Ralf Steinhauer

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Bernard Ehrlich

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