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aixigo’s Financial Advisor is our go-to software for assisting advisors in providing investment advice. The advisor’s expertise is the cornerstone of the conversation. Investment products are prepared in real-time in a transparent, sales-promoting, and behavioral finance-based advisory process. The advisor only has to focus on their expertise and the customer. The advisory software enables impressive visualization and process control. The central elements of our go-to solution are:


Basic elements such as customer search, profile creation, and customer profile are displayed here. The recording of third-party and institute stocks and the parsing of securities account statements are also prominent components. The first steps are setting goals based on an investment strategy, identifying a goal structure, and describing a goal and asset class structure.

Action—assets—interim assessment

This part contains the evaluation of the total assets via quality parameters based on the established goal structures and the target/present comparison in terms of risk and asset shares. Then, the disposable assets are defined by the customer. Here it is possible to draw an interim conclusion, which is particularly suitable for two-conversation strategies. An interim assessment includes documentation of the fundamentals and all content discussed up to that point.

Goal implementation—overview—documentation

The first step is to evaluate the total assets via quality parameters and display suitable products along with product information. Top picks can be emphasized here. Next comes the assessment of the “after” situation on the basis of risk and shares for each maturity area plus an overview of the savings plans and product composition. The collection of consultancy-relevant data and detailed documentation of the advice session are automatically generated upon conclusion.

The individual components of the Financial Advisor also consist of standard and complementary features: Here you have the option to complement the solution according to your personal preferences. In addition, you can adjust product maintenance and access rights via a maintenance and administration tool, which is intuitive to use.

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