Imagine a world where you can easily handle your banking transactions by means of modern communication tools such as the Amazon Echo Alexa. A world, in which you can get and retrieve real-time insights into your portfolio. A world, in which you can see developments of your depot and have them explained. And all that just by the way. Simple and fast.

This is possible with aixigo’s high performance portfolio management software. Depots can be analysed within seconds – in minutes even millions of portfolios. This software provides completely new sales channels for you and your clients. Start now – and inspire your clients!

aixigo recently developed the first retailable and individual digital asset management software. From A-Z, the whole workflow. It analyses millions of portfolios in less than 6 minutes, 24 hours a day, twenty-four-seven. Monitoring the products, determining the optimal allocation of the clients is a thing of the past. The software monitors client portfolios 24/7 for structure and risk – reallocation recommendations and rebalancing are performed automatically.

The digital solution gives you an overview of how your customers are invested and what transactions are running at the touch of a button. You see the invested capital, a performance overview, as well as the risk distribution of the clients. Additionally, you can retrieve all parameters individually as to the branch and specifically as to the region.
aixigo’s solution offers you and your clients a new dimension. For now, you are able to efficiently provide all customers with this individual service. Up to now, the asset management as an exclusive product was only accessible to very wealthy customers. With aixigo’s digital asset management, you will find completely new sales and business models.

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