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With the wave of digitalisation, so-called robo advisory software now also enables functions that allow end clients to manage sub-processes of the investment themselves. How?
First and foremost through FinTechs. Above all, they make use of digital progress and the related affinity of younger generations for corresponding end devices. FinTechs are predominantly involved in this environment, as banks have not technologically reached the same level of development here yet. This is primarily about the segment of retail clients. Our robo advisory software gives you the opportunity to offer digital value-added services in exactly this segment. And this includes the digital processing of all regulatory boundaries. And the combination of the elements digitalisation, regulation, and experience puts you in a pole position as compared to the FinTechs.

Why is robo advisory software important for a bank or financial service provider?

Digital clients have a high need for information, they love to make their own decisions, and they want to identify with their decisions to a high degree.

aixigo assists you in designing your robo advice software – not only with the long-standing experience of a pioneer with respect to the subject behavioural web and user experience, but also with a comprehensive catalogue of components:

For example, here you can see an excerpt of some of the components we have built as part of developing a complete digital wealth management process. These features are all based on an API service platform. Thus, they are immediately available, flexibly configurable and bring maximum speed. This approach allows you to quickly and securely assemble a robo advisor to your liking. The catalogue can support a wide variety of risk profiling, asset allocation and client channel concepts.

What does a bank robo advisory software comprise?

Similar to our other software solutions, the principle of basic and enhancement features applies here.

Our basic module for your robo advisory software …

… offers the opportunity to identify the suitable portfolio for an investment amount, a duration and a selected risk, to present it and divert it into an onboarding or order process. The principle here is that the client reaches the goal with just a few steps on one page and immediately understands the effects of his inputs with each input done. Of course, the styling can be adapted to your individual corporate design. The basic module is your quick start self-advice in good quality and your branding.

Functionally based on this, the catalogue of supplementary components provides you with various options for designing your individual robo advice software.

We offer different functions with which you enable the client to adapt the proposed portfolio even more to his needs. So the client can for ex. identify the right risk for him by going through a brief questioning process. Such functions lead to the client developing a strong sense of control, which gives him assurance and increases the chances of implementation.

A wealth of functions serve to convey the client’s understanding of his possibilities. These very functions are very important for the client to understand what it is about and why you recommend certain investments. Speaking from the perspective of behavioural science, with such functions you avoid terminations due to ignorance or lack of understanding (ambiguity).

For special concepts of portfolio identification, we have further additional modules available that enable comprehensive individualisation.

Call us and learn more about the additional modules and implementation options.

Making sound decisions – step by step

Robo advisory software – and the whole process of this advice – is a complex system. In order to enable and easily represent step-by-step decisions, it makes sense to group information flow and related decision-making options. Why? Because important decision-making and implementation boundaries as such are broken down into pieces and can be overcome.

The product range offered by the robo advisory software can be tailored to your goals. Thereby we support a variety of consulting approaches, from risk-based over product-oriented to topic-oriented.

Robo advice software is not just advice or sales – robo advice is more.

Pure product sales or detailed investment advice can be presented with the use of a robo advisor. In particular, the legal classification and the associated consequences need to be complied to. Benjamin Böhnke shows the difference in detail and explains:

This website is for the sole purpose of presenting our views. It does not constitute legal advice and cannot replace legal advice.

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