Our high performance portfolio management software

Performance drives innovation – the high performance portfolio management software of aixigo is the fastest on the market!

Our portfolio management software (or, shorter “pms system”) analyses millions of portfolios within 6 minutes. It is available as cloud or as individual solution. And it is exactly those features that make it so unique for you.

Software for portfolio management – two elementary features of our pms system that allow for this performance:

1. High performance
With our portfolio management software solutions, we achieve 100 times the speed and multiple amounts of quantities that are to be calculated in comparison to other portfolio management software solutions on the market. Developing such a fast pms system was made possible by the many years of technical and professional experience of aixigo and findings gained in research and development.

Take a look at our presentations at FinovateEurope and FinDEVr, where we demonstrate this 100x speed:

2. API services
This high performance results from a flexible API structure. Currently, all functionalities covering the aspects of a digital wealth management offer are included (e. g. performance measurement, risk monitoring, rebalancing, asset management, etc.). As a result, even extremely broad portfolios (> 30,000 transactions, 10-year history) can be analysed in milliseconds. Read more about our API services and features.

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How did we come up with such a portfolio management software solution?

Our history of portfolio management software development is long. Since the beginning, we have been working on developing a pms system that not only meets the requirements of the bank, customer and market, but surpasses it. And this happens continuously.

Due to changes in the market and current affairs, financial institutions need to be reinvented. We address this problem of innovation and create the basis for being prepared for these changes. We help banks and financial service providers to implement and solve these challenges. Read here what this actually means.


100 times faster – with our portfolio management software.

The high performance portfolio management software of aixigo is a great service for your bank due to its incredible speed – not just for standardised portfolio management. Millions of portfolios can be analysed and calculated within minutes. This allows you to offer your retail customers, i. e. clients, asset management that was previously only possible for wealthy clients – while preserving all the added-value services of a digital wealth management solution. Read more about our wealth management software here.


Our software for portfolio management – fast, simple and flexible.

The use of our portfolio management software is rather profitable for you. In addition to our key features, high performance and API services, there are further other features and advantages of our pms system.

We have once more listed all of them for you here:

            • Connections
              Complex connections are presented in a simple manner, very fast and with high quality.
            • Comfort
              A comfortable and fast distribution control is guaranteed.
            • Speed
              Our portfolio management software runs with extreme speed. 1 million portfolios can be analysed in less than 6 minutes.
            • Scalability
              The software consists of highly scalable architecture. This enables a good integration into the system landscape.
            • Default 
              An excellent standard solution that is extremely easy to configure for the needs of each individual client.
            • Individualisation
              This individualisation makes it possible to implement your very personal consulting philosophy.
            • Modularity
              Through our API services, a modular structure of the software is possible. Our standard pms system is a customised and streamlined system that only includes the features you really need for efficient sales and reporting. On request, additional features can be added.
            • Transparency
              The transparent and modular structure of the solution gives you clarity in budget planning.


Our software for portfolio management makes it possible

Portfolio management software solutions are complex technologies. If you are interested in our pms system or have questions about it, we look forward to advising you accordingly. Just call us or .

Talk to us for more details on our high performance portfolio management software and its capabilities and benefits.
We look forward to hearing from you!