The bank to go – our mobile banking application software

Bank to go? No problem with our mobile banking application!

In the course of digitalisation in our lives, smart phones and tablet PCs also have an important communication function. With aixigo’s “Bank to go” (our mobile banking application) you use the platform for your mobile banking and address your mobile target group via a single channel. Your consultant can – regardless of where – communicate with your clients simply via app and give advice.

We are the mobile banking solution provider you can rely on. See in our product video just how our mobile banking software works:


What characterises our mobile banking software solution?

It is flexible.
You decide which clients and consultant applications are implemented.

It offers access to further services.
Classic online banking and all other services can be easily integrated.

It is modular.
Like all aixigo software solutions, the “bank to go” has a modular structure. The basis is our specially developed platform aixigo:one.

It is adaptable.
Its existing systems and solutions will remain.


What can our mobile banking application software do?

It informs.
Its consultants provide your clients with all content through a modern, always available channel. The client decides when he wants to retrieve information.

It connects.
Whether client or consultant: Both can present documents on the other person’s tablet PC and accompany them verbally. The client determines the presentation mode.

It enables appointment-independent communication.
When consultants and clients use a tablet PC, they communicate interactively. So consultations are always possible at any time. The consultant can also use the “bank to go” to emotionally personalise client contact by interactively making client magazines, event experiences, etc. available.

It allows for presentations at a distance.
The consultant presents his results individually and with high quality. For this he uses the consulting application, which is integrated on the tablet PC.

It clearly illustrates documents and solutions.
If your consultant uses other IT solutions, the data collected there (reports, analyses, etc.) can be edited by using an interface that is tablet-compatible and state-of-the-art.

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