Our technology for investment banking – one of our high quality software solutions

One of our software solutions is the investment banking software for investment advisory. With our digital investment advice software, you can offer your advisors and clients the best possible experience in investment banking.

For your clients, it is the quality of advice that counts.

In our understanding, investment banking is a central pillar in the positioning of a financial planning services provider. All central elements of consulting, communication, corporate identity and regulation need to be harmonised and recorded. Every client will sooner or later use the quality of the advice as a decisive criterion for his investment. And not only the client, your consultant would like to realise a consultation with a claim of success too.

This is possible with our digital investment advice.

We have digitalised all investment advisory processes in our software. Your advisor will automatically be guided through the advisory flow in our technology of investment banking and will therefore have much more time to take care of the individual needs and goals of the client. No more annoying filling in of papers, but simple, automated investment advice as software. And all this with your individual approach, in your corporate design.

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What is special about our investment banking software?

More qualified time for your clients during the consultation. Our digital investment advice guides your advisor through all steps of the advisory process. Comments or notations can easily be added.

Automatic documentation – entirely in your design.
During the consultation, everything is documented and in the end, your consultant – and of course your client – receives an automatically generated report. Fully adapted to your design.

MiFID II compliant
With the new regulations of the MiFID II banks and financial service providers face new challenges. We take these regulations into account in our software solutions, so our technology for investment banking is also MiFID II compliant.

Uniformly high quality advice.
Our investment advisory software guarantees your quality standards for the advice of your clients. No matter which of your consultants uses the software, it will always be guided by the same advisory flow that you received with our digital investment advice service.

Sales control via our care tool.
You can decide, add and select which products fit and lead to which consulting results in our software maintenance tool.
Easy integration on laptop, work PC or website.
Whether you want to advise stationary or in the client’s home on different appointments, or even offer a completed investment advice via the Internet, aixigo covers all these needs completely with respect to content and technical requirements. Our software is easy to integrate, whether on the laptop, work PC or in the client area on your website.

Pension advice.
Another feature of our technology for investment advice is the pension advice. We can include this step into your digital investment banking software, because it is mostly a part of the advisory process.

Why should pension advice be an important part of your service?

Protection against risks and taking precautions is of fundamental importance to large parts of the population. In addition, the lives of clients are constantly evolving and so needs and opportunities are changing as well. In addition, the market for hedging products constantly offers new alternatives to secure benefits or adjust contributions to the needs. Thus, there are always good reasons to think of protection. But these many choices also create insecurity: And this uncertainty leads many people to delay or not make decisions.

What can our pension advice software do and what advantages does it offer?

Adaptable, individual and multi-channel capable
Our solutions, which are always adjusted to the individual consulting philosophy of the respective company, are coordinated with one another for use in self-consultation as well as for personal consultation. They are linked in such a way that a consistent client experience is ensured even for clients with changing access preferences in the multi-channel. This means that no matter whether the client visits the branch or chooses the route via Robo Advisor, he consistently receives high quality advice.

Our pension advice covers the existence, risk and retirement provisions and all typical insurance offers in this context.

Process integration
aixigo offers comprehensive functions, which are modularly combined into a suitable overall process and individually designed for every pension advice process. Of course, this also includes interfaces with the existing systems, rate calculators or comparison calculators. The goal is to always ensure a frictionless and unbreakable process, right through to the police, in order to produce a convincing client experience.

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For whom is our digital investment advisory suitable?

For everyone wanting to jump on the wave of digitalisation. To give your clients more added value, more time in consulting. To help your consultants to work simply and efficiently. aixigo offers software solutions for the investment advice of retail clients, individual clients as well as private banking and wealth management. We know the requirements and have implementation experience in conception, software and operation at banks and financial service providers with a focus on investment advice and holistic alignment on all aspects of financial services.

Which products are considered in our technology for investment banking?

aixigo offers solutions for all investment products ranging from savings over investment funds, pensions and shares to alternative investments including the corresponding savings processes.

What does a consulting process with digital investment banking look like?

Actually, exactly as you know it. The difference is that the entire investment advisory process is completely digital. That is, everything is fully automated, so no step is forgotten and there are no annoying documents during the consultation. Your advisors go through the investment advice on the computer by means of our software together with the client. At the end, our software creates an advisory protocol. Fully automatically.


The investment advisory process in detail – step by step with our aixigo modules:

Step 1: Selection

This is about finding the right client – e.g. for example, by evaluating the individual client custody, by analysing the structure of these custody accounts, the associated securities master data or risk information. Subsequently, a needs analysis for investment advice follows, or the client is addressed to receive a complete consultation.

Step 2: Risk profiling

Proper risk means proper advice. Here, we make particular use of the experience of the RWTH Aachen Institute for Decision Research: the institute is intensively studying behavioural finance. This branch of research analyses investor behaviour in investment decisions and meanwhile examines the relevance of psychological behaviours. aixigo deduces important software functions from the research results, in particular a proven method for determining a suitable risk level for a specific client.

Step 3: Target acquisition

What are the basic principles of your digital investment advice? What individuality do you expect when designing an investment proposal? Since MiFID targets are important, but what are the targets? How many targets should there be? What kind of information is important about these targets? We support you with different concepts for the collection and classification of client targets.

Step 4: Analysis

How has the portfolio developed? Were the set targets achieved? Which targets have been achieved and completed? These are the questions that every client asks, which are, however, often so difficult to answer. With the analysis functions from aixigo:one, you will always make a good impression concerning personal advice, but also with respect to self-consultation. The scope can be tailored exactly to the requirements of the consultation segment.

Step 5: Recommendation

What sounds unspectacular at first represents the whole point for the expert of regulated investment advice. In what way does the recommendation based on client information develop? Depending on the business area and institution, different combinations of the aixigo modules lead to individual solutions. One of the basic questions is whether the consulting tool should steer, lead, support or secure the consultant.

What does it mean exactly? 
A practical case makes this clear: does the consultant see all the products that the client can buy in the consultation or only those for which suitability is given? Lack of suitability can be resolved by information. This opens up new possibilities for clients and consultants. At the same time, however, this increases the consulting effort. This is because the company achieves high efficiency when only things that are directly feasible (because it is appropriate) are recommended.

The recommendation also includes discussing which principles are “right” for your institution when it comes to “identifying” a suitable portfolio. Quantitative methods (Markowitz etc.), qualitative procedures (quality portfolio) or even a mixture of both? aixigo masters the complexity of this topic completely and is a pioneer in the development of such processes.

Step 6: Product Selection

Clients often do not buy all products out of the sum of recommendations given (unfortunately). This has an impact on the documentation and the settlement process. Here we support your advisor by tailoring his specific functions to your transaction.

Step 7: Documentation

aixigo creates words from data. With our technology for investment banking we are able to generate very variable plain text documentation in a clear language from the algorithm and the consulting process. In doing so, we are very flexible, for example with regard to the time of documentation: Does the documentation build up step by step in the course of the consultation or does the application collect the documentation data during the consultation?
We find that a documentation should be more than minutes. A business card and expression of your consulting service. That is our aspiration, which we implement individually for each client.

Step 8: Order

To further increase efficiency, your WP service provider or your WP system can be integrated into the process. This allows the consultant to go straight into the process from product selection and its documentation. Individually tailored to your needs, we use, for example, your task system, a task manager from our solution portfolio or individual solutions.

You want to know more details about our technology for investment banking?
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