Financial planning software – our software for financial advisors

The aixigo financial planning software is our select software to assist the investment advisor. What does “select software” mean? Our financial planning software consists of three main components. These in turn consist of standard and supplementary features: Here you have the opportunity to supplement the solution according to your individual ideas.

Investment and investment products are processed transparently in a consultation process following behavioural finance and are processed in real time. The consultant can focus exclusively on his competencies and the client. In addition, the consulting software ensures impressive visualisation and process control.

The central elements of the financial advisory technology

Client, inventory and goals
Basic elements such as client search, new client generation and the client profile are displayed here. Furthermore, the recording of stock owned by third parties as well as institute’s inventory and the parsing of securities account statements are significant components. Subsequently, targeting takes place on the basis of an investment strategy, determination of a target structure and the presentation of a target and asset class structure.

Action, assets and interim conclusion
This part includes the valuation of the total assets by quality parameters on the basis of determined target structures as well as the actual comparison regarding risk and assets. Subsequently, the definition of disposable assets by the client is made. It is possible to draw an interim conclusion here. This is particularly useful for two-way strategies. The interim conclusion includes a documentation of the basics, as well as all contents discussed so far.

Goal implementation, overview and documentation
First, the assessment of the total assets by quality parameters is made, the presentation of suitable products and the display of product information. Here, top picks can be particularly emphasised. Subsequently, the assessment of the “after” situation based on the risk for each maturity range needs to be carried out. In addition, there is an overview of the recorded savings plans and product compilations. The recording of consulting-relevant data and a detailed documentation of the consultation session are automatically generated.

These three key elements of our financial planning software are, as previously mentioned, standard and supplemental features. This is a huge advantage over conventional standard software – because now you can decide and complement and individualise attendances and services of the program according to your wishes. Product maintenance and access rights can also be controlled via intuitive operation in the care and administration tool.

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