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Our software solutions for financial service providers – What we can do

We create banking technology for financial service providers!

Whether you are looking for a software solution for financial advice or a software solution for financial analysis – we help you to create the right software solution for your business. It represents our aim to guide you through the increasing digitalisation. Particularly important to us is the digital portfolio management, a software concept that the financial services provider has to face in the near future.

Learn more about why we believe in this concept and what our solution looks like.

Taking aixigo’s software solutions into account:

Your professional requirements
Your specific design specifications
The requirements of your consultants
A legally compliant client documentation in your corporate design

Interdisciplinary aixigo teams develop your software solutions for financial consulting and financial support based on proven calculation engines and reliable standard modules.

aixigo sells modular web applications that do not require additional user installation. In addition, they can be reached from anywhere, which specifically means: they are flexible and efficient!

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Digital banking technology – our solutions at a glance

Digital wealth management software
Wealth management was previously associated with a great deal of effort, which was only profitable when dealing with very wealthy clients. Our digital wealth management software depicts the complete process and runs fully automatically.

API software
Once integrated, you can utilise our APIs as building blocks to build numerous portfolio services, including digital wealth management. We digitalise every aspect, from decision to documentation.

Portfolio management software
Our portfolio management software is the fastest on the market. With high performance it is possible to analyse millions of portfolios under 6 minutes. And even modern means of communication can interact with our high performance PMS.

Investment advice software
Our investment advisory software covers all the central issues of a consulting process and is, at the same time, completely customised to your individual requirements.

Robo advisory software
Whether it is a small consulting tool or a complete solution – we will build the robo advisor as you need it.

Financial advisory software
In order for your advisor to be optimally prepared for the investment advice he plans to give the client, use our financial advisor. It serves as a support for your consultant and has perfectly prepared all points of the consultation process in an organised way, so that your advisor can fully concentrate on your client.

The Bank to go
The bank to take along on mobile, tablet & Co. The modern way to communicate with your clients, to give them advice, and to provide services without them having to be on site.

Thanks to our banking technology platform, we can easily access the modules you need for your software solutions. Whether customisation or proven standards, with aixigo:one, our module platform, we can offer you exactly the software solution you need!

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