aixigo:one – the IT platform

This unique IT platform forms the (invisible) basis which your advisory solution is built on.

aixigo:one combines all the modules that are needed for your customized solution. These are either standard modules that are compatible with every solution, or individual modules that are programmed specifically for your needs.

aixigo:one—benefits at a glance

aixigo IT platform - Icon Modern

The latest available technology

aixigo IT platform - Icon Testgetrieben

Test-driven development ensures practical functionality

aixigo IT platform - Icon Skalierbar

aixigo:one is open and expandable at any time


aixigo IT platform - Icon Sicher

Installed modules: secure, stable, reliable

aixigo Plattform - Icon Integrierbar

Each module can be freely integrated


aixigo Plattform - Icon Kompatibel

All modules are compatible with any modern software landscape


aixigo Plattform - Icon Anwendungsfall

Modules for every application



aixigo Plattform - Icon Integration

Integration of YOUR ideas and widgets



aixigo:one consists of three specific subareas:

  • Financial advice,
  • Financial analysis,
  • Technology and integration.

Each of these three areas is divided into functional and technical modules. You select the appropriate modules for mapping your processes based on your requirements. We maintain and service these modules and continuously develop them further both technically and in content. Thus, you benefit from all the advantages of a standard software thanks to the modular design, while also enjoying a harmonious level of individuality thanks to a specific module combination and adaptation to your corporate design.


User experience/User-friendliness

Each aixigo sales solution is, like any good website, easy and intuitive to use without extensive training. It has only the features your advisor really needs. The user interface has a modern design.


All aixigo advisory software fully supports modern end devices, with or without touch operation. The desired advice function determines the device—not the other way around! Your advisor has the freedom to act wherever it best suits them and their customer!


All aixigo financial software is always available much faster than average. Your advice solution is scalable and can be used as a cloud service.

In-house development/Customer-friendliness

Each aixigo support solution actively involves you! We understand that aixigo customers do not want to invest in a project every time they are prompted to during the advisory process, but will rather want to modify and add constructively themselves. aixigo:one takes this into consideration: Under a shared testing and quality management system, your own initiative can be mapped at any time.

aixigo:one licensing is simple, flexible, and forward-looking.


Most modules provided by aixigo:one offer a variety of options to fulfill a specific task. These alternatives result from the numerous projects aixigo has implemented over the past 16 years.

When licensing a module, you are given access to all the available modules. So should your ideas or needs change halfway through, you can always simply swap your module for another one—with no change to the cost if an appropriate licensing agreement has been made.

Even new functions within a module that were originally developed for another customer are included in your license (depending on the contract).

“You want to find out more? We look forward to hearing from you.”

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