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FinTech, Banken und aixigoaixigo is a partner for banks & Fintech companies. We are the largest independent provider of technology for financial advice and support in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

With our digital solutions, we give your customers an outstanding advisory and information experience. Involve your customers and offer them clear added value. Digital channels operate faster and at significantly lower costs, and quickly bring you solid market shares in profitable niches. How so? They are more specific and innovative in meeting the needs of customers and also more suited to their changing behaviors. Moreover, digital user behavior is closely linked to customer loyalty. Digital banking users have been found to be 25% more loyal by average than customers who do not use any mobile devices. Thus, loyalty has a direct impact on the profitability of your consultancy.

You enrich the market with innovative concepts and the resultant customer experiences. However, the creation of these customer experiences requires collaboration across departmental boundaries, i.e., marketing, product management, IT, and branches. It has proven useful in practice to employ a cross-functional team with access to all the necessary resources in the company.

With the technology we provide and the processes and solutions built thereon, we are able to develop your individual strategy or directly provide it. We help you integrate successive digital innovations or make them more stable and profitable.


  • We offer a portfolio of innovative technology, solutions, and infrastructure.
  • Your products can be developed, complemented, and made more accessible with this portfolio.
  • The complexity of financial matters will be mapped clearly and transparently through our REST-based modules.
  • We offer you legally compliant advisory processes via services and technologies that require a banking license.
  • Your digital products will be made more attractive through our Saas, API, and cloud services.
Diagramm: Nutzung digitaler Kanäle

Source: “Building the retail bank of the future”; BAIN & COMPANY; Mike Baxter and Dr. Dirk Vater,

The message of digitalization is to offer the customer the experience of readily available advice—with the additional positive effect that costs are reduced in the medium term while the service expands at the same time. Fintech services automate existing business processes and open up more profitable business streams. Moreover, this can alleviate some of the pain from the dependence on interest income. Due to MiFID, Fintech companies will be forced to shape their advisory processes in a highly restrictive, structured, and, above all, legally compliant manner in the medium term.

In summary, enormous savings potentials and new revenue streams are in store for you. For banks in the form of stronger digitalization, more convenience for customers, and simpler processes. For Fintech companies in the form of more clearly structured and legally compliant advisory processes. The customer decides in the end which service they need. Find out with us how your digital services can look like.

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